Liefje's Corner


Moonlight Enchantment

Make sure not to miss out the little Mini Live Event that is happening from now on around the 20th of every month (probably for 2 days in total). You can get fun rewards and lots and lots of house items like flowers, plushies, mounts and other little things, like the ones below!

There are 5 of those instances and each of them offer a little quest (Darklight Woods 2). As rewards you get an Elemental Token, which you can use to buy stuff from the merchants in each of those zones. Every zone offers different items. Also each zone has a collection quest of its own.

The Quest names are:
Click on the Questname to get directly to the walk through in our database

Pollution Problem
Earthly Task
Naiad Aid
Festive Flowers
Strong Brew Root Beer
Seasonal Blooms

Each zone has a Collection too (purple shineys):
Life Event: Dryad Leaves (Enchanted Dryad Grotto)
Life Event: Mushroom Spores (Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto)
Life Event: Naiad Scales (Enchanted Naiad Grotto)
Life Event: Tree Bark (Enchanted Brownie Grotto)
Life Event: Flower Petals (Enchanted Fay Grotto)