Official SOE Links
EQ2 official informations about characters, items, guilds as well as station store, network status, forums etc.
EQ2 Customer Support
EQ2 official customer support
Various Databases
Allakhazam's Magical Realm
Good information about bestiary and class information
EQ2 Center
A couple really good tradeskill and harvesting charts
EQ2 Stratics
Database with some good guides
EQ2 Vault
Pretty good overall database
EQ2 Wikia (formerly EQ2i)
Very nice database with a lot of quest information (almost as good as ours :)) )
Varios information
Eq2 Atlas
All kinds of maps
Eq2 Map
Map interface with ingame maps (download)
Qeynosian Cartography
Not many but very well done and very pretty maps
EQ2 Crafters/
Lots of crafter information
EQ2 Traders
For all your tradeskill needs
Lots and lots of pictures of furniture and housing items
Other Useful Links
Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT)
An encounter parser for EQ2
EQ2 Gamedata

Complete spell lists for all classes

For all your user interface customization needs
HQ Tacker
Shows all HQs of registered guild members
Teamspeak download
The Pub
Mistmoore raiding alliance
Ventrilo download
Fun Stuff
Gamer Network Radio
Music and information for all gamers
Comics for all gamers