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01/31/14 Landmark Community Celebration



01/31/2014 Future Content: A Letter from Dave Georgeson

Basically, we’ve decided to release regular improvements every week, then every month we’ll push something cool to you.

Beyond that, we’re focusing the rest of our efforts into making great expansions!

11/12/2013 Live Update #68 (Tears of Veeshan)

- New class – Channeler!
- New Dragon-themed AAs
- AA limit increased to 340
- New overland area, Vesspyr Isles - Adventure, amenities, quests, collections, and more!
- Nine new dungeons
- Two new raid zones
- More Tradeskill and Tradeskill Apprentice Items
- New PvP item tier

07/23/2013 Live Update #67 (Darkness Dawns)

-Fabled Dungeons
- New Contested Avatars
- Arena of the Gods
- Character Advancement Templates (CATs)
- New Daily Objective Sysytem
- And more!

04/30/2013 Live Update #66 (Scars of the Awakened)

- New overland zone, Cobalt Scar: Includes a new story quest line and new collections
- New dungeon, Siren’s Grotto: Includes Solo, Group, and Raid challenges
- New Tradeskill quest line
- New Tradeskill Apprentice daily tasks
- Class updates based on feedback
PvP reward updates

11/13/2012 Live Update #65 (Chains of Eternity)

- Prestige Abilities - Each subclass will get access to new Prestige Abilities!
- Prestige Tradeskills - Your crafting will shine like never before with Prestige Tradeskills, including experimentation and quantity crafting.
- Spirit Stones - New adornments that gain experience with you and grow in power.
- Level caps raised to 95 for adventurers, tradeskillers, and guilds.
- AA Boost - Boost two level 90 characters to 280 Alternate Advancement points and begin the journey to levels 91 through 95.
- Two new overland areas, Obol Plains and Eidolon Jungle.
- New contested dungeon, Sleeper’s Tomb.
- Eight new dungeons which include both solo and group versions.
- Three new raid zones to test your skills.

07/24/2012 Live Update #64 (Qeynos Rises)

- New revamped areas combined from 4 to 2 zones with Qeynos Palace overlooking the city.
- Class Focus Effects have been consolidated and will now be available starting at level 9.
- Massive PvP Update with new PvP stats, PvP gear, revised achievements, infamy, bounty and a new token earning system.
- Level-agnostic gameplay in Battlegrounds. Players level 30 to 89 can play together as well as levels 90 to 92.
- Earn bonus tokens to spend on new items in Battlegrounds.
- Battlegrounds tokens can be spent on new gear starting at level 10.
- Fighters receive a new stance called "Recklessness," allowing them to do significant damage while sacrificing their ability to withstand damage.

04/17/2012 Live Update #63 (Skyshrine)

- The Destiny of Velious saga continues!
Level cap raised to 92
- Withered Lands outdoor zone with over 100 quests and solo, small group, and raid content
- Experience storyline events with Heroic Group and Raid endgame instances
- Earn prestige abilities to build on the power of your character
- All new tradeskill quests and items woven into the story arc
- New Drake mounts
- Poet’s Palace Dungeon Maker theme and items
- New Dungeon Maker adventurers
- Tradeskill apprentices with new recipes (one Elite!)
- One all new elite mercenary and three dragon golem ones
- New creatures to tame for Beastlords

Chronoportals are back up!

The event will run from March 20th - March 28th
Find a list of all portals by clicking on the purple link

03/15/2012 Sent a follow up mail to Mister Smedley

We sent another mail to Mister Smedley and also received a rather disappointing reply saying
they are still working on it and that they did announce that people will be able to play on any server.

(full text of all mails can be found by clicking on the purple link)

02/25/2012 Letter to Mister Smedley and Mister Büchtmann

Reply from Smed in already: I think we've got it figured out and will announce our plan Monday

Reply from Mr. Mastnak in too: Still having discussions, no details to give out yet

(full text of all mails can be found by clicking on the purple link)

02/22/2012 The Petition can be found here:

02/22/2012 http://www.change.org/petitions/sony-online-entertainment-stop-the-prosieben-soe-partnership#

02/21/2012 The EQ2 Community is in an uproar

The planned region locks with a splitting of the Community between Europeans and Americans as well as the security issues with the new European Publisher ProSiebenSat1 are bringing thousands to the forums to post their opinions and hundreds to cancel their accounts.

02/12/2012 Database is back up!!!

enjoy :))